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The most difficult and costly patients often have multiple comorbid conditions. Care for these patients with complex conditions is compounded by psychological and behavioral impairment—such as depression, unhealthy lifestyles, and poor adherence to treatment. Research has shown a bidirectional link between depression, diabetes, and coronary heart disease. Additionally, only 50% of patients with depression and diabetes/coronary heart disease have their depression accurately diagnosed in primary care.

TEAMcare is a highly effective program that improves disease control in patients with diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease who also have depression. The TEAMcare program:

  • Focuses on teaching patients self-care skills to control illnesses
  • Is delivered in the patient’s primary care clinic and by phone
  • Takes a team-based approach
  • Increases behaviors that enhance quality of life

TEAMcare is an evidence-based, patient-centered approach that enhances the primary care team’s ability to provide optimal care. Using the Chronic Care and Collaborative Depression Care models, TEAMcare provides comprehensive care for diabetes, coronary heart disease and depression simultaneously. Compared to usual care, the TEAMcare intervention significantly improved both medical disease control and depression. (1)

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