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Organizational Effectiveness Tools That Work For You

The free online training program is designed to provide a foundation in established principles of quality improvement. We aim to make quality improvement more approachable by using familiar terms and offering practical tools and resources for integrating improvement into day-to-day activities.

How Does it Work?
This training will help you and your team conduct an assessment of your program, formulate ideas for improvement, and execute them. The training is organized into five sequential online modules:

Learn – Discover - Prioritize - Implement - Measure

We encourage you to explore the modules on your own. While they are organized in sequence, each module stands on its own so feel free to move around the content as fits your needs. 

Quality: An Ongoing Goal
Our hope is that by using these tools to make small incremental changes, you will save time and energy while increasing quality and efficiency...and it won't feel like added work. Over time and with practice, you’ll gain the habit and skills to see opportunities to weave improvement strategies into the regular fabric of your program and work.

Take an overview of fundamental quality improvement principles.

Use the tools provided to assess your program's current state.

Analyze your team’s perceptions and prioritize the work toward improvement.

Learn about tools and techniques to help your team implement change in the priority areas identified.

Reflect and evaluate the work that was completed. Reassess your program and identify your next steps.

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