How To Get Minecraft: Education Edition Without School Email?

Similarly, Can I play Minecraft: Education Edition without a school account?

You may test Minecraft: Education Edition for free in one of two ways: the free trial or the demo lesson. You must have an account, either an Office 365 Education account or a Microsoft 365 account, to participate in the free trial. There is no need to create an account or register in to see the trial lesson.

Also, it is asked, How can I get a free Minecraft: Education Edition account?

For a limited time, you can try Minecraft: Education Edition for free. The free trial is completely functional, however there is a restriction to how many logins (25 for instructors and 10 for students) may be made before a paid license is necessary to continue playing. Go to and pick GET STARTED to learn more and get started.

Secondly, How do homeschoolers get Minecraft education?

Your Microsoft 365 Admin Center account gives you access to buy Minecraft: Education Edition licenses and manage the people who will use it. Setting up an account is completely free, and it does not constrain you to any subscriptions or purchases unless you expressly allow them.

Also, Can a parent buy Minecraft: Education Edition?

Is it possible for me to buy Minecraft: Education Edition as a parent, student, or individual? Yes, you certainly can! See Purchasing Options for Minecraft: Education Edition for further information on how to buy Minecraft: Education Edition licenses.

People also ask, How do I create a Microsoft education account?

Navigate to the Office 365 Education Plans page in this article. To get started for free, click the green Get Started button. Select Create a New Account from the drop-down menu. Fill in all of the information needed by the wizard. Next should be selected. Make a Global Admin account for yourself. Make a note of your Admin account’s username and password, and then click Create my account.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you join the Minecraft: Education Edition?

On the Home screen, choose Play, then Join World. By clicking on each photo in sequence, enter the Join Code for the world you wish to join. After three unsuccessful tries, a student will get a warning if they continue to submit erroneous join codes.

Why can’t I log into Minecraft: Education Edition?

You are either attempting to login into Minecraft: Education Edition using a personal account (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud) or with an account that has not been issued a license if you see this message. Please check with your IT administrator to see which email address you should use.

How long does Minecraft: Education Edition free trial last?

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or free trial. What is the duration of this Minecraft: Education Edition membership offer? Once redeemed, the Minecraft: Education Edition deal subscription will last one year. An application may take up to ten days to be processed.

Is Minecraft Java Edition free?

With fresh releases, Minecraft has been able to maintain its grip in the market at a time when many games are easily forgotten. The Minecraft Java Edition, which is a free game, is one such expansion.

Is Minecraft: Education Edition free for homeschool?

At Home, Play Minecraft Educational material is available for free in the in-game marketplace for Minecraft Bedrock users.

Is Minecraft OK for kids?

Minecraft is normally suggested for children aged 8 and older, since it is a game that isn’t extremely violent or tough to master. It was, in fact, one of many children’s first online video gaming encounters.

Who can download Minecraft education?

Minecraft: Education Edition may be purchased and used by anybody with a Microsoft 365 account.

How do I create a Minecraft account for my child?

Go to to get started. Create a family group by clicking the Create a family group button. Click Create an account in the Add Someone box, then start in the Create an account for kid box and follow the steps to create the account. Edit the parental settings as appropriate after they’ve been generated.

Do I need to buy Minecraft for each child?

Each player need their own Minecraft account, so if you want to play with your kid, you’ll have to pay twice: once for you and once for your child. When you see a group of kids playing Minecraft on their iPads and phones, this is most likely how they’re doing it.

Is Microsoft Student free?

Students and instructors at qualified institutions may get free access to Office 365 Education, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams, as well as other teaching tools.

How do you buy Minecraft education?

To buy Minecraft: Education Edition licenses through the Microsoft Store for Education, follow these instructions. Use your Office 365 Education account credentials to log into the Microsoft Store for Education. Go to the product page for Minecraft: Education Edition. Choose the amount of licenses you want. To purchase, just click the Buy button.

Does 365 cost money?

Pros and Cons of Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 Personal costs $7 per month or $70 per year if purchased in advance. It supports one user on up to five devices at a time. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and 1TB of OneDrive online storage are all included.

How can I get a .edu email for free?

Creating an edu email account is a straightforward process that is outlined in detail below: Visit the GitHub Student Developer Pack’s official website. At the bottom of the page, choose the “Get your bundle” option. On the following page, request a discount and fill out the registration form for free. Within the following 5 working days, you will get a response.

What is a school email address?

When a student enrolls in college, they are issued an edu email account. Students are given this email address because they are unable to communicate with college administration, lecturers, professors, and others using their personal email accounts.

How do you log into Minecraft for free?

Follow these steps to create a free Microsoft account: Select Sign In in Minecraft. Fill in the email address you’d like to use to log in to your account. Enter the account password you’d want to use. Select your Country/Region and enter your Birthdate using the drop-down menus.

Why does Minecraft education say we can’t connect to the service you need right now?

Make sure you only have one version of Minecraft: Education Edition installed (desktop or store version). A proxy server may be used for ChromeOS connections. Make sure your connection isn’t going via a proxy server. Check that the necessary URLs have been added to your network’s allow list.

What is exit code Minecraft?

What is the meaning of an exit code? – Statuses of exit. When an application leaves, it returns an integer called an exit status (or “Exit Code“). Minecraft or the operating system in use may both produce these exit statuses.

What age is Minecraft education for?

Depending on whatever version of the game you’re playing, Minecraft has been certified as appropriate for ages 7 and up to 13+. When children join up, they are not required to provide evidence of age.

In which country do they let you play Minecraft in school?

According to Sweden’s The Local, a Stockholm school has made Minecraft classes mandatory for its 13-year-old pupils.

Is Minecraft education safe?

Minecraft: Education Edition provides a safe environment for studying and teaching. Minecraft: Education Edition is available for an annual fee. Our online tools and support staff are here to assist you with any concerns you may have.

How do I download Minecraft If I already own it?

Sign into the Microsoft Store on your PC using your Microsoft account. In the Microsoft Store, next to your profile image, click the three dots. Go to My Library to find out more. You may download the game from there if you already possess it.

Can I try Minecraft for free?

By going to, you may play Minecraft for free on your web browser without having to download or install anything.


Minecraft: Education Edition is a version of the popular game that has been created for educational purposes. If you are unable to download Minecraft: Education Edition, there are other options available.

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