Among Those With Less Education, Which Of The Following Trends Is True?


Similarly, What might contribute to someone being seen as having no family?

What factors contribute to a person’s perception of having “no family?” the child’s parents’ socioeconomic status the child’s parents’ socioeconomic status Social mobility is restricted.

Also, it is asked, What does the term oldest old used by demographers refer to?

persons aged 85 and above What does demographers mean when they say “oldest old”? There is a rise in the age range of first marriages, in addition to the growing age at first marriage. We discover when we compare low- and high-income households.

Secondly, Which conclusion can be drawn from current marriage trends quizlet?

What conclusion may be derived from the existing state of marriage? People are less likely to be married for the rest of their lives than in the past.

Also, Which of the following statements would most likely be made by a proponent of the critical perspective toward family change?

Which of the following comments would a proponent of the critical viewpoint on family reform most likely make? “Traditional family structures worsen inequality, and initiatives that help individuals break away from family ties should be promoted.”

People also ask, What is the importance of family to your development as a person?

Families have a critical role in social development as fundamental and vital building blocks of society. They are primarily responsible for children’s education and socialization, as well as imparting citizenship and belonging ideals in society.

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What is the role of the family in the society please give three answers?

The ideal family fulfills various societal duties. It socializes children, offers practical and emotional assistance to its members, controls sexual reproduction, and gives them a sense of belonging.

What impact do you think the aging population will have on the institution of the economy?

An aging population and slower labor force growth have a variety of effects on economies: GDP growth slows, working-age individuals pay more to assist the elderly, and public budgets are strained by the greater overall cost of health and retirement services for the elderly.

How does an ageing population affect family structure sociology?

This changes the family’s structure from a nuclear to a vertically expanded one. Divorce is a second method in which the aging population may have an influence on family structure. People are living longer, which means they have more opportunities to leave unpleasant relationships.

What is an aging population sociology?

Question 10: Create an outline [6 points] – Population Aging This implies that fewer young people are being born, but people are living longer lives. Once they reach pensionable age, the elderly must be financially supported. Another consequence of an older population on society is the strain on public services.

Which of the following is a key similarity between hooking up and dating multiple persons at once?

Which of the following is a significant resemblance between hooking up and dating numerous people at the same time? Neither entails a single-minded devotion to a single spouse.

Which of the following groups have the lowest intermarriage rates in the United States?

Whites were the least likely of all groups to marry someone who was not white, with just 9% marrying someone who was not white. Because whites make up the majority of the population in the United States, even if intermarriage is uncommon among them, marriages between whites and minorities are the most prevalent sort of intermarriage.

Who is more likely to be affected by the marriage squeeze?

Men who are younger ( 2 = 6.00, p =. 014), unmarried ( 2 = 29.06, p =. 000), and have a lower educational level ( 2 = 12.50, p =. 000) are more likely to perceive the marital pressure.

What trend has been noted in the past several decades with regard to religious diversity in the United States?

What has been the trend in religious diversity in the United States during the last several decades? As minor religious organizations grew and the two main denominations shrank, the United States became increasingly religiously diverse.

Which of the following statements is true about the Liberals viewpoint on family policies quizlet?

Which of the following claims concerning liberals’ views on family issues is correct? They feel that economic change is to blame for family life’s alteration.

What do the latest trends reveal about the socioeconomic class of children in the United States compared to other countries in terms of social mobility? They are more likely than their parents to end up in a higher social class position than children in other advanced democratic nations.

What is the importance of family towards mental development and education of its members?

1. Parents may assist in educating their children not only in terms of the school-based curriculum, but also in terms of teaching them about many parts of society such as culture, respect for others, and familiarization with the negative repercussions of society such as crime.

What is the role of family and school in human development?

A child’s development begins with his or her family. The way a kid is loved, cared for, and nourished gives him the chance to be a better person in the future. The first persons a youngster interacts with are his or her family members. Observation teaches children a lot.

Why is school important for child development?

Schools may help children develop their relationships, identities, emotional skills, and general well-being in addition to academics.

How does education contribute to social stability What is the function of this to society?

Education may assist to societal stability by providing information and skills for resolving conflicts without resorting to violence or prejudice, particularly since schools are one of the only places in the country where students can interact and experience variety.

What are the functions of social organizations to your life as a member of the community?

For professionals working in prevention, intervention, and program creation, social organization presents a variety of signposts. Social networks, social capital, and community capacity are the basic components of social organization, and they reflect modifiable aspects of individual and family life.

What is the role of the family in the society essay?

2 Families have a vital role in society and in people’s lives. They teach us a lot about relationships and life. They adore us and treat us with respect. They increase our self-esteem and make us feel important.

What is the impact of aging population?

Economic development, employment and retirement patterns, the way families operate, governments’ and communities’ capacity to provide enough resources for older persons, and the frequency of chronic illness and disability are all influenced by societal aging.

What is ageism in sociology?

Ageism is defined as the application of preconceptions (how we think), prejudice (how we feel), and discrimination (how we behave) based on one’s age to others or oneself.

Why has birth rate decreased sociology?

Since 1955, the number of live births per 1,000 women has decreased significantly. As a consequence, this might be a result of women’s increasing independence, with more women opting to have children later or not at all, and prioritizing a profession above having children.

What are the causes of ageing population?

Our population’s evolving and aging structure is principally influenced by two reasons. For starters, increased life expectancy means that people are living longer and living longer. There has also been a drop in fertility, with individuals having fewer children and having children later in life.

What are some of the reasons for the growth in the elderly population?

The growth in the senior population has also been fueled by improvements in life expectancy. Between 1900 and 1960, men’s life expectancy climbed from 51 to 74 years and women’s life expectancy increased from 58 to 80 years, owing to decreases in newborn, childhood, and early adult mortality.

What is ageing population in economics?

A shift in the population’s age structure within a nation, with a rising average age and an increasing proportion of individuals living beyond the traditional working years. Because of increased life expectancy and/or dropping birth rates, population ageing occurs when a country’s or region’s median age increases.

What conclusion may be derived from the existing state of marriage? People are less likely to be married for the rest of their lives than in the past.


The “which of the following is a way that inequality continues to be experienced in many families?” is true. The idea of having less education can lead to a variety of problems such as unemployment and poverty.

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Among Those With Less Education, Which Of The Following Trends Is True?. Liberals have been focused on family diversity and liberal attitudes toward family diversity have mainly focused on the idea of supporting same-sex families.

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  • which of the following is usually true about one parent families
  • the decrease in family violence has been attributed to
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